An exciting trip by boat through the Gauja National Park Gauja will discover the scenic landscape at any time of year.

We offer you a canoe and kayak boat rental with the necessary equipment for boating, going one, two or more days of boating routes. Before the boat trip in advance reconcile where and at what time you will arrive at our bus and take you boating starting point.

Boating season lasts for five months, from May to September. Of course, most boaters prefer the summer months when the water warms up Gauja is, but just as beautiful boat is spring time and autumn, when there is a beautiful picturesque Sigulda.

Popular boating routes chosen by canoe (2-3 seats) or kayak (2 seats) boaters:
Price is for boat and equipment. When booking on the boat, you need 50% pre – payment.

If you rent a boat (2 people), in addition to transport expenses 10 euro.
If a group of more than 10 people, it is necessary to carry out additional transport booking, at a cost of 150 euro (16 place bus).

Departure time from the old bus station of Sigulda, Raina Street 3 at. 10:00.
Departure time for prior approval by phone +371220020 33

We care for your safety, so give free life jackets. In addition to the water-tight bag rent (20 liters) 3 euros.
For more information on boat rentals and boat trip booking and routes please take over the phone +371 22002033 or by e-mail
place, where people blend with nature.