The popular SUP boards are complementing the range of water transport of new saws. What exactly are they and what criteria should be considered when choosing an SUP board adventure. The abbreviation for SUP stands for stand up paddle boarding, meaning a foot board. The SUP board can travel across rivers, lakes, engage in sporting activities and not only, it can be used as a fishing platform or to recharge yourself with much needed vitamin D. The width of the board gives an indication of its stability, while the volume of carrying capacity is an important indicator for heavier passengers. For an adult who has no skills in calving, the recommended board size would be at least twice the weight of the rider himself. In contrast, the minimum recommended width is 31 ″ or about 78 cm.

We offer for rent LOKKI inflatable SUP boards equipped with the necessary equipment – fin, high pressure pump, leash, paddles, life jacket and backpack so you can easily start our journey.

Curved SUP board parameters: 10.6 – 10.0, 33 inches wide. Lifting capacity up to 110 kg. The boards are made of special high-strength PVC fabric.
Boards are designed for both novice and experienced SUP travelers.

Boards can be inflated to at least 14-15 psi (for comparison, car tires typically have around 2 atmospheres). At this pressure the boards become very hard and do not twist. They did not hang out, they do not stand out of the water at both ends when the rider stands on the board. And the running characteristics become similar to those of hard boards.

We are expecting a variety of clients - beginners, pregnant women, dog lovers and families. Let's offer everyone an interesting SUP adventure along the rivers Gauja and Brasla:
Price is for SUP board and required equipment. 50% advance payment is required when booking for SUP board.

If one board is rented (1 person), additional transport costs 10 EUR.
If the group is more than 10 people, additional transport booking costs 150 EUR (16 seats bus).

We care about your safety, so we give life jackets for free. Additional waterproof bag rent (20 liters) 3 EUR.
For more information on SUP board booking and routes, please call +371 22002033 or write to
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